Tours for Easter

13 hours
475 from UAH.

Excursion is a novelty! Excursion mix!A visit to the Historical and Cultural Reserve of the Svyatogorskaya Holy Dormition Lavra is truly a miracle created by nature and people in an amazingly beautiful place on the banks of the Seversky Donets + a new unique "musical-pottery" excursion to Slavyansk.

3 days / 5 turodney
3450 from UAH.

Golden tour. Easter in Ternopil, Kamianets and Pochaev Lavra Train

Ternopil - Pochaev - Bozha Gora - baths of St. Anne - Kremenets - Kamyanets-Podilskyi

We suggest to plunge into the atmosphere of real ethnic identity, to spend unforgettable holidays in the heart of Western Ukraine and to feel the present Easter mood.

6 hours
295 from UAH.

Easter is the most important Christian holiday, organically combining pagan rituals and church rites. Preparing for this holiday, our ancestors sang the scribes, beckoned birds and painted Easter eggs. We will try to do this.

10 hours
325 from UAH.

Orthodox pearls. Temples of the Kharkiv region Bus

Kharkov - Berestenka - Rakitnoe - Water - Spasov Skyt

One-day excursion "pilgrimage" on the pearls of the Orthodox faith of the Kharkiv region. You have the opportunity to visit the most beautiful temples in Rakitnoye, Berestenyki, Spasov Skyt, a monastery in Vodyanoye.

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