Tours for May holidays

Tours, excursions in Ukraine with travel from Kharkov and other cities

4 days / 6 turodney
4250 from UAH.

Sunny tour. Valley of daffodils and sakura in Transcarpathia Train

Mukachevo - Uzhgorod - Sinevir - Shipot - Narcissus Valley - Khust - Iza - Beregovo - Chinadiyevo

The end of April and the beginning of May in Transcarpathia is the blooming Narcissus Valley, the time when the cherry blossoms are flowering, which decorates the streets and castles of Uzhgorod and Mukachevo. Tour operator "Navigator Ukraine" offers to celebrate Easter and May holidays in Transcarpathia this year!

5 days / 7 turodney
3650 from UAH.

Saffron tour. May Carpathians Train

Yasinya - Bukovel - Dragobrat - Kvasy - Yaremche

The charm of the spring Carpathians! Here and there the snow still lies, the forest is raging with the riot of greenery and flowers, and clouds are floating in the blue sky over the mountain tops .... May holidays in the Carpathians! It's great and unusual!

3 days / 5 turodney
3750 from UAH.

The Malachite Tour. Necklace of Chernigov Train

Nezhin - Kachanivka - Trostyanets - Chernihiv - Kozelets - Baturin

Do you want to see the whole of the ancient Sivershchina in one round - ancient Russia that was covered with legends and bylinas? Immerse yourself in the thousand-year history of Ancient Chernigov, in the glorious Cossack past of Baturin, in the provincial life of Nizhyn, permeate the spirit of the landowners' estates, parks and palaces.

3 days / 5 turodney
3850 from UAH.

Golden tour. Easter in Ternopil and Pochaev Lavra Train

Ternopil - Pochayevsky Lavra - Zarvanitsa - Mikulintsy - Kremenets

We offer to plunge into the atmosphere of real ethnic originality, spend unforgettable holidays in the heart of Western Ukraine and feel the real Easter mood.

3 day
2200 from UAH.

Kharkov rendezvous. Tour on May holidays! Independently

Kharkiv - Kharkiv region

New 2019 You have already traveled all over Ukraine, admired the Bukovina forests and the Carpathian meadows, Lviv castles and Chernigov temples, inhaled the smell of the Black Sea and the Dnieper. Many times were in the heart of Ukraine - Kiev. Have you ever been in Kharkov? We invite you to meet the May holidays in the first capital of Ukraine - Kharkov!

1 day / 2 night
1565 from UAH.

Miracles of Cherkasy. Uman + Buk Canyon Bus

Uman - Sofievsky dendrological park - Buk canyon

The traditional popular bus tour to Uman from Kharkov, which combines the visit of the most beautiful places in Ukraine - the Sophia Dendropark in Uman - and the Buk Canyon on the Tikich mountain river.

10 hours
565 from UAH.

Manor Kharkov province. The epoch of palaces and parks Bus

Old Merchik - Sharovka - Natalia - Singing terraces

For you - one of the most popular among Kharkov residents and visitors of our city is an excursion about the ancient manor houses that have survived to our days, about the life of Kharkovites in the XVIII - XIX centuries, about Kharkov patrons.

3 day
2750 from UAH.

Reserve Ukraine. Askania - Stone Graves - Azov for Easter and May Holidays Bus

Askania Nova - Stone graves - Schastlivtsevo - hot springs

Popular tour on Easter and May holidays! A sea of ​​pleasure in one trip: rest on the shore of the warm Azov Sea, a unique monument of history Stone graves, the pride and miracle of Ukraine - the Biosphere Reserve Askania Nova and much more!

3 days / 5 turodney
3800 from UAH.

Amber tour. Volyn + Belarus for the May holidays! Train

Ostrog - Klevan - Lutsk - Brest - Belovezhskaya Pushcha - Berestechko - Tarakanov - Dubno.

New 2019! We invite you to the May holidays in the ancient Volyn land, in the Ukrainian and Belarusian Polesye! Spring, colorful, mysterious land of Volyn! From the mid-10th century, Volyn land was part of the Old Russian state. Here, everything breathes with antiquity, ancient culture, Ukrainian mentality.

3 days / 5 turodney
3450 from UAH.

Velvet tour. Chernivtsi - Kamenets-Podolsky - Hotin Train

Khmelnitsky - Chernivtsi - Khotyn - Kamenets – Podolsky

May Bukovina and Podillia 2019. Tour of Western Ukraine includes a visit to the unique Kamyanets-Podilsky, Khotyn fortress and one of the most beautiful cities of Ukraine - Chernivtsi!

3 day
3000 from UAH.

Cote d'Azur. May holidays in Odessa Train

Odessa on the May holidays

Peace, Labor, May, Sausage, Shashlyk, Wine, Odessa, Sea ... All this - Odessa on the May holidays! Odessa sights, beautiful Odessa girls, Odessa bazaars, Odessa courtyards .... and, of course, the favorite Black Sea!

3 days / 5 turodney
3350 from UAH.

Neon tour. Vinnitsa - Uman - Medzhibozh Train

Vinnytsya - Strizhavka - Uman - Nemirov - Medzhybozh - show of fountains

All the secrets of the Southern Bug in the Neon Tour! Tour for the May holidays in Vinnitsa, the highlight of which is certainly the light and music fountain on the embankment "Roshen" in Vinnitsa, Sophia Arboretum in Uman and impregnable fortress of Medzhibozh.

4 days / 6 turodney
5650 from UAH.

May Chernivtsi and a trip to Transylvania! Train

Chernivtsi - Sighisoara - Sinai - Peles Castle - castle of Count Dracula - Brasov - Chernivtsi

New 2019! May Chernivtsi + Romania 2019. Combined tour to the capital of Bukovina with 2-day departure to Romania to the homeland of Count Dracula. The tour includes a visit to one of the most beautiful cities of Ukraine - Chernivtsi, familiarity with nature, history and famous castles of the popular region of Romania - Transylvania!

18 hours
1290 from UAH.

Hetman capital. Baturin Bus

Kharkov - Baturin - Razumovsky Palace - Baturyn Fortress

The National Historical and Cultural Reserve "Getman Capital" in Baturyn is a pearl, national pride and life-saving spiritual source of Ukraine without exaggeration.

2-3 hours
150 from UAH.

Bells of Kharkov. Crossroads of religions

a thematic walking tour around Kharkov from the tour operator "Navigator Ukraine"

Three of the seven wonders of Kharkov are temples. Pokrovsky Monastery, the Assumption Cathedral and the Annunciation Church are rightly the visiting cards of the "first capital". The excursion gives a more complete picture of the religious architecture of our city, various religious confessions, the spiritual life of Kharkov.

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