4 hours

Chocolate Kharkov. Confectioner Prestige

Kharkov - confectionery factory "Confectioner Prestige" - firm shop "Prestige" - confectionery master classes

The most popular excursion among children! Another "sweet enterprise" - confectionery factory "Confectioner T Prestige" - invites you to the magic world of sweets, baked goods and chocolate! Book today! We recommend you sign up in advance!

4 hours

Paper treasures. Printing house "Ranok"

Kharkov - printing house "Ranok" - logistic center

The printing industry is one of the most dynamic, rapidly developing industries in the world. Introducing a new excursion from a series of production, career-oriented excursions - to the printing house "Ranok"!

4 hours

Theater backstage. Opera theatre

Kharkov - Kharkiv Theaters - Kharkov Theater of Opera and Ballet

How does the theater begin? with a hanger? from a poster? from the dressing room? from choosing a performance? with the game of artists? We offer a novelty - a tour dedicated to the Kharkov theaters. And the most interesting is an excursion to the backstageKharkiv Academic Opera and Ballet Theater!

4 hours

Premiere! Kharkov Television and Cinema

Kharkov - Kharkiv movie theaters - Kharkiv TV studio

Do you know that our city by right can be considered a pioneer not only of Ukrainian, but also of the whole world cinema?

4 hours

Slobozhansky Fair. Kharkov handicraft + hand made

interactive excursion around Kharkov with master classes and a fair

Kharkov from its very foundation was a city of fairs, artisans and traders. The history of Kharkov crafts from the end of the XVIII century to modern masters is devoted to this interesting excursion. The highlight is popular now master classes and role-playing games. Be in the trend!

4 hours

Rails-rails, sleepers-sleepers. Railway depot

Kharkov - locomotive depot "Osnova" - museum of the history of the South Railway - Malaya DZHD

The tour operator "Navigator Ukraine" continues a series of professional orientation tours to the beloved Kharkov. This time we turn to railway transport, its history and today's realities.

4 hours

Chocolate Kharkov. Sweet World

Kharkov - confectionary factory "Sweet World"

The most popular excursions are "sweet" subjects. It's not for nothing that they say that "life without chocolate is not life, but existence"! Chocolate is eaten, drunk, given, proud, enjoyed, admired ...

4 hours

Living Kharkiv region. Bee and honey

interactive tour of Kharkov, dedicated to beekeeping, from the tour operator "Navigator Ukraine"

It is difficult to imagine a harmonious, healthy, full-fledged person without a connection with nature. When we inhale the fragrance of fields, meadow grasses, when we communicate with animals, we eat natural products, we become purer, kinder, spiritually richer.

4-6 hours

The Kharkov Razgulay. Rogansky Brewery

Kharkov - Rogansky Brewery

The "adult" excursion is dedicated to the long history of the appearance of various drunken and alcoholic drinks, with which many myths and legends are associated, as well as to their modern production. To top it off,Rogansky Brewerycompany Sun InBev Ukraine.

6-8 hours

Much closer than Oposhnya и Petrikovkawithout any exaggeration, the handicraft capital of Slobozhanshchina - Valki. Here are still old masters and carefully keeps the secrets of skill the younger generation.

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