from 3 days

Water and mountains. Corporative in Truskavets

Lviv - Drohobych - Truskavets - Skhidnytsia - Boryslav

The resort of Truskavets is located in the foothills of the Ukrainian Carpathians, at an altitude of 400 m. As early as the ХІХ century Truskavets is famous for its curative springs, which have no analogs in the world.

3 day

Masterpieces of Volyn and Polissya. Lutsk - Shatskie lakes - Belarus

Ostrog - Klevan - Lutsk - Brest - Belovezhskaya Pushcha - Kolodyazhnoye - Shatskie lakes - Berestechko - Tarakanov - Dubno

Beautiful, charming roads of Ancient Volhynia, Ukrainian and Belarus Polesye, who remember the epic heroes! For which one you will not go-you will not go, you will inevitably come across some amazing curiosity.
1 day

Heart of beauty. Pochaev Lavra - Bozha Gora - castles of Podillia

Ternopil - Pochaev - Kremenets - Zbarazh - Vishnevets

A one-day tour to the Pochaev Lavra and other sacred sites of the Western Podillya - the Holy Duchy Skeet, Bozha Gora, Saint Anne's Baths, Kremenets, Zbarazhsky and Vishnevets Castles.


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What awaits you at Christmas 2018 in Chernigov? Two golden ancient prince's capitals of Ukraine, two ancient cities, two pearls - Kiev and Chernigov - a real chronicle of the history of Kievan Rus, manifested in the gilding of churches and monasteries, in cobbled streets, caves, monuments.


Early Booking Offer !! Best price - when booking to 1.09
Do you want to see the whole of the ancient Sivershchina in one round - ancient Russia that was covered with legends and bylinas? Immerse yourself in the thousand-year history of Kiev and Chernigov, in the glorious Cossack past of Baturin, in the provincial life of Nezhin. Meet the New Year 2018 in Chernigov!


Give yourself a Christmas Spa - pleasure! Meet Christmas 2018 in Europe! You have a unique opportunity to enjoy Hungarian dishes and wines, relax on curative thermal waters, visit the Hungarian capital Budapest.


We offer our exclusive tour to Hungary for the New Year! You will have the opportunity to enjoy Hungarian cuisine and Hungarian wines, relax on the curative thermal waters of the resorts of Debrecen and Egerszalok, to meet the New 2018 in Europe!

2 day

Between the Dnieper and the Bug. Kropiwnicki - Hope Farm

Kropivnitsky - "Hope Nadezhda" - Sofievka - Nechaevka - Rozumivka - Kremenchuk

"Kropivnitsky! Beautiful misto, Ohoplene foggy spring, Perlina, scho dopovnyuє namesto Mistechok stepovoy side ..."

3 day

White and black gold of Europe. Lviv - Drohobych - Borislav

Lviv - Drohobych - Truskavets - Borislav - Medenichi

Want to see 4 capital at once in one round? The capital of solvation, one of the most beautiful cities of Ukraine - Drogobych; Borislav - the former oil capital of Galicia; spa-capital of Ukraine - resort city of Truskavets. And of course Lviv is the capital of Western Ukraine!

We invite meet Christmas 2018 in Lviv - the heart of Western Ukraine! Offers modern и medieval Lviv, hot wine and cold beer, Lviv pampushki and Pampukha Festival, Christmas dinner, performance of a den, Christmas carols and surprises!

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