3 hours

Nello, Kharkiv! Excursion in English or French

interactive tour of Kharkiv in English or French from the tour operator "Navigator Ukraine"

Our long-standing dream came true - to make excursions around Kharkov in foreign languages ​​accessible and regular. And not just a simple tour, but an interactive one, with questions, answers, interesting tasks. Are you ready?

4 hours

Chocolate Kharkov. Confectioner Prestige

Kharkov - confectionery factory "Confectioner Prestige" - firm shop "Prestige" - confectionery master classes

The most popular excursion among children! Another "sweet enterprise" - confectionery factory "Confectioner T Prestige" - invites you to the magic world of sweets, baked goods and chocolate! Book today! We recommend you sign up in advance!


Perhaps you were a little surprised at the name of this excursion. However, this is the true truth. Kharkov is one of the greenest cities in Ukraine. In it there are about 200 parks, gardens and squares. True, recently they are somehow systematically cut down ....

4 hours

Paper treasures. Printing house "Ranok"

Kharkov - printing house "Ranok" - logistic center

The printing industry is one of the most dynamic, rapidly developing industries in the world. Introducing a new excursion from a series of production, career-oriented excursions - to the printing house "Ranok"!

4 hours

Premiere! Kharkov Television and Cinema

Kharkov - Kharkiv movie theaters - Kharkiv TV studio

Do you know that our city by right can be considered a pioneer not only of Ukrainian, but also of the whole world cinema?

4 hours

Theater backstage. Opera theatre

Kharkov - Kharkiv Theaters - Kharkov Theater of Opera and Ballet

How does the theater begin? with a hanger? from a poster? from the dressing room? from choosing a performance? with the game of artists? We offer a novelty - a tour dedicated to the Kharkov theaters. And the most interesting is an excursion to the backstageKharkiv Academic Opera and Ballet Theater!

4 hours

7 wonders of Kharkov. Excursion game

interactive tour of Kharkov for junior schoolchildren from the tour operator "Navigator Ukraine"

Kharkiv is the second largest city in Ukraine, its former capital, economic and scientific center, one of the largest megacities of Europe. In 2008, the main architect of Kharkov, Sergey Chechelnitsky, published a list of seven wonders of Kharkiv according to the results of the competition.

4 hours

Heroes of Kharkov. Weekly MOE.

Kharkov - center of civil protection - fire exposition

A place of heroism, there is heroism at any time, both in the peaceful and in the military. Workers of the Ministry of Emergency Situations are real heroes of our days. To get acquainted with the specifics of their work you will be helped at the Center for Civil Protection and Life Safety.

4 hours

Slobozhansky Fair. Kharkov handicraft + hand made

interactive excursion around Kharkov with master classes and a fair

Kharkov from its very foundation was a city of fairs, artisans and traders. The history of Kharkov crafts from the end of the XVIII century to modern masters is devoted to this interesting excursion. The highlight is popular now master classes and role-playing games. Be in the trend!

4 hours

Fiddler on the roof. Monuments of Kharkov

interactive tour of Kharkov from the tour operator "Navigator Ukraine"

The history and destiny of Kharkov, its thoughts and aspirations, its falls and upsets, the characteristic traits of Kharkov can be traced in numerous monuments, busts, monuments. All the monuments in one excursion: from the monument to the Founders to the curious and ridiculous. And all this in the form of a game-quiz.

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